jueves, 6 de enero de 2011

If a tree falls in a forest and there's no one to hear it

This is dedicated to everybody doing their thing, regardless if it will ever make sense, or if  they will ever "make it" (whatever you want that to mean). 

There’s a tree in a forest,.
Green as green can be.
A mosaic on blue and shades of grey
Leaves in my hair, and hearts in your bark

Although we only look up,
We grow in both directions.
And when you fall with no-one around,
I know for a fact there is more than a sound.

There’s a tower in the city.
And there’s me on the fifth floor.
Green the colour of my coat,
in a cubicle high above the ground
My fingers on buttons, and coffee from a shiny pad.

And I’m slowly falling,
And I’m quickly growing roots,
And I keep hearing that gentle thunder
Can't wait to get out there.


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